My Own Website.com provides a level of technology that would be cost prohibitive for most small businesses
    or individuals to establish on their own.  Start at the TOP, without the upfront costs.

Here's what we offer:
Multiple DS3 Connectivity for far less than you would pay for your own T1 connection
The ability to start small but look BIG, providing customers with big pipes and quality servers monitored 24/7
Advanced features like RealAudio, your own cgi-bin with pre-installed cgi scripts, personalized SMTP and POP3 etc.
No need to keep up with expensive, quickly changing technology - we do it for you!
A "Turnkey" solution for our customers!
Small Businesses / Organizations / Individuals, you get:
"Newbie-Friendly" support, with extra special "hand holding" the first month.
Industrial grade servers and connections, without the capital outlay for expensive dedicated servers and high speed internet connections
The ability to easily upgrade. If you purchase a server, you could be writing another big check when you outgrow it four months from now. (Ouch!) With My Own Website.com, you just notify us by email, and we'll quickly upgrade you to another plan.
Freedom from hiring additional staff to install and monitor your own server - we do it for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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